Saturday, April 29, 2006

So Much To Talk About!!!

I have been anxious to get back to this blog but have lacked time and well just been a little lazy trying to cut corners. Well so much has happened since my last post that I don't know how to say it all. I've had good times bad times and everything in between. The most recent thing that has come up in my life is this thing at my church called the lay witness mission. Its this really cool retreat that is at my church all this weekend and it has been such a blast. I won't lie, I thought it was going to be boring, but it hasn't been. I have meet some really cool people and have heard some great testimonies and stories. One girl surprised me with hers.

I had met her just a few hours before and she came across as this hyper girl that had the spirit running up and down her. She was called to the front of the sanctuary and was asked to share her story (I hadn't been paying much attention before this point, I had kind of zoned out just a little) her hyperness faded and this other side came out. She talked about how she was a child of God. She explained about how she had been hurt and mistreated, left behind and picked back up. Then, she found God. She had been sexually harassed and her parents had left her at the age of two. She had a conversation with God and he told her that if she wanted to be with him then she must forgive those who have hurt her. This girl forgave them! Truly a work of God. Her five minutes taught me more today than anything I have heard or read in a while. She has God shining inside and out.

Going from very serious to very fun we went to DCAC and played a little putt-putt and hit a few balls. This was the play time of the day. I lost to Bruce but tied with Kelsey. But its not about winning its about having fun and that we did have. Me and Peyton played a little areo-ball and that I killed him in. Me and Peyton also had a little air hockey challenge and I was victorious there to. Today was my lucky day.

We also had a new addition to our Youth Lounge Kitchen. We got a Cappiccino/Espresso maker, Smoothie Machine, and a Coffee Maker. I spent time figuring that stuff out and made a little mess but none the less made some good stuff. Now it is turning into the Shalom Cafe. I think that it fits our Youth Group Perfectly.

So today I had a really good time. I got closer to God, friends, and even machine.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hendersonville might not be the best place to chill

So I havent written in a while, i have been really busy. But i went to the bowling alley tonight and it was pretty bad. Underage somking everywhere! Lots of unwanted PDA and much much more. I have never seen the bowling alley that bad before. It kind of makes me think about what are city is turning into. Then the movie theater isn't much better one night as i drove away i saw this guy throwing up in a trash can because he was so drunk. This type of things happen in every city but when you can't go to have a fun time because your choking on smoke its just not fun anymore. I hope that something will come to hendersonville that doesnt attract all the scum of the city.