Sunday, July 30, 2006

What a Surpise!

-Today is a very special day, my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. For the past 2 months my mother has been planning a surpise party for them. The location, food, and everything inbetween had been thought of. We made up a story that my mom, sister, and I were going to Nashville Shores and my grandparents were going to go to Springfield with her brother and son. Her brother's wife had to drop of a fake bridal shower gift at my church (where the party was). When they walked in the look on there faces was priceless. They had no idea. The best part was the cutting of the cake. They did the move where you feed each other. They messed up. Today was an overall success!

Missing Out on the Mystery

-A lot of my friends from chruch went on a trip this weekend, known as Mystery Trip. This year it wasn't a mystery though. A certian some one named Kyle M. told the whole group ruining the fun of the whole mystery part. They went white water rafting which i bet was a blast. I decided to bow out of this one because I had already been gone for two weeks and couldn't think of another weekend away. This down time has been enjoyable even though spending a few days up in Lake Junaluska wasn't to hard either.
-My Grandparents 50th Anniversary is today and my family is throwing a suprise party for them. It should be a really good time. My mother has invited over a hundred people and my Grandparents still have no idea. I can't wait to see the look on there faces.
-I also go my class schedule this week. It is looking kind of challenging but still fun. ALL HONORS!!!
-Another fun thing on the agenda for this week is the every popular "Band Camp". I would like to inform you that it is nothing like what you think. Band Camp is held in front of the school and is not an overnight event. The most annoying part is when people drive by and honk or say, "This one time, at Band Camp". I still am amazed at how stupid some people are.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I know Its been forever

I know its been a month and I don't have a great excuse except I've been really busy. Ive been on a mission trip and right now im at Lake Junaluska. It its considered methodist holy ground. I will start with mission trip...
Mission trip started on July 15. We drove from Hendersonville Tn, to Long Beach, MS. It took around 9 hours to get there. We actually started work on Monday I helped put a roof on a house that was hurt buy Hurricane Katrina. It took us a week but we actually got it done. Other groups painted a house, did yard work, and rebuilt a porch. The whole Mississippi and Louisana culture is quite different and excited. we ventured down to New Orleans and checked out the scene. We saw Bourben Street and all the sites of that.
Lake Junaluska has been the typical church retreat. I am here on church buisness with my conference and it has been quite fun.
That is all for now talk later.