Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hendersonville might not be the best place to chill

So I havent written in a while, i have been really busy. But i went to the bowling alley tonight and it was pretty bad. Underage somking everywhere! Lots of unwanted PDA and much much more. I have never seen the bowling alley that bad before. It kind of makes me think about what are city is turning into. Then the movie theater isn't much better one night as i drove away i saw this guy throwing up in a trash can because he was so drunk. This type of things happen in every city but when you can't go to have a fun time because your choking on smoke its just not fun anymore. I hope that something will come to hendersonville that doesnt attract all the scum of the city.

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gavin richardson said...


sad to say this is probably just like every other town. i know it was much like mine. although we didn't have a bowling alley in ours and our theater was a $1 theater which showed lame old movies.