Sunday, August 27, 2006

HFUMC Youth Does Boat Church

Today some of the us (youth) went to a thing called boat church. It is in Mt. Juliet on the lake. It was a pretty good service but a little long. After we had a little cookout and then went and enjoyed the lake. We all went tubing and swimming and at the end of the day were worn out. I think that boat church should be a regular thing. Being outside and experiencing God's word is the best combonation. Thats my Sunday!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Game Even Bigger Loss

Last night was huge! The antisipation of this game was in the air, the hamburgers, bands, and the fans. We were all hoping that a win would fall to Hendersonville but everything turned the other way. Just a quick summary:
Hendersonville was down the whole game until the forth quarter when we scored with 38 seconds left. we went into overtime and ended up losing by interception. The Hendersonville side fell scilent and the Beech side went crazy. Our heads dropped and theres raised. What really showed there "great sportsmanship" was when they turned the sprinklers on our side of the field and soaking everone in its path. What a great end to a bad night.

Monday, August 21, 2006

First Week of School

So returning back to school has its ups and downs. You are glad to go back so you can see your friends check up on everyone but the rest isn't the best. I am pretty happy with my classes and am very happy to be a sophomore this year. It's nice to be able to know where everything is at and all that jazz. I am taking concert chours this semester which has turned out to be fun and really easy because im one of the only people in the class that knows music. English II Honors will turn out to be ok. The teacher is ok and I have a ton of friends in the class. Wind Ensemble is the same. Biology Honors is going to turn out to be a pain, I can already tell. Besides that school is well... school.