Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Commando Mug Seems to be a Success!

This week the DECA club at school opened up a coffee shop of sorts in our gym lobby. It seems to be going great. Everything is a dollar, which is amazing because you can't beat that. Every morning the line gets longer and longer leading me to believe that the profits are getting bigger and bigger. This just might be the best idea that the school has thought of. Now we don't have to stop at Starbucks or the gas station we can just go and get a cappichino from Commando Mug. I will say that I am hooked. Even there advertising is great. They put posters up that have Mr. Shelton, our principal, on them and they say "Mr. Shelton says: I got mine." It is really funny. This coffee idea is amazing!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Deal or No Deal: How Lucky Are You?

The new season of "Deal or No Deal" launched this week and is one of NBC's biggest hits (because it is on everynight). I have personally lost interest in this ridiculous show. The show has nothing to with skill. Luck is the only thing you need. The success of the show has something to do with the fact that no one has ever won the top prize. You have a 1 in 26 chance in winning so the odds are against you. It is the same thing to, the same music, OCD host, and girls. When you think about it even the people that play the game are the same. They are all excited, middle class people. The best part of the show is when people don't win the money and the banker pretty much cuts them off. So the question is Deal or Really Bad Deal?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Man in the Krystal Window

-Tonight after work I decided to go to Krystal to get me a little something to eat. I had been at work all day and was really hungry. My order was taken I was told my order was $3.54 and to pull around. When I pulled around I was asked how my day was and I told the man that it had been ok. I asked him about his day out of habit and he told me he was a little tired and was ready to go home. He turned away, paused and then he turned back around and said that he was ready for God to bring him home. I still had my hand out where he had just taken my money. I didn't know what to say. After thinking for a second I said well we never know when it will happen. "I don't think it is going to be that much longer" he said. Once again, feeling a little uncomfortable I told him we never know.
-I was just hungry and wanted my food, he wanted never to be hungry again. To be so ready to leave this planet and go have faith that you will go to heaven is amazing. Even though our conversation was only about a minute, he has enlightened me and has shown me what is really important.

You May Now Kiss the Gavin

Today is the day when Gavin grows up!!! He is about to be mr Gavin Foster. Lol, Im just kidding he keeps his last name. Today, this blog is dedicated to the happy couple Erin and Gavin. Here is to a lifetime of happiness!

Friday, September 22, 2006

First Blog from my New Computer

So its official... I am blogging from my new MacBook! It is so amazing! I am gonna keep it short cause im still figuing out the bells and whistles. Its amazing!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

TMX Elmo

This is Hilarious!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One Month and Counting.

-Today marks one month until I turn 16! I am really excitied. So many things happen that I cant wait for. All's I have to say is Driver's License!!! I am so sick of having to hitch a ride from someone. Most of my good friends live on the other side of town and my grandmother doesnt like to make the trips back and forth so soon that won't be an issue. Every kid can't wait to turn 16. I am one of the older ones in my grade so it's gonna be cooling being able to say that im driving now. I have high hopes that I will be able to get tickets to the Frey concert which is on my birthday, the ultimate gift. I can't wait very happy.
-On a school note though, tomorrow I have a test in biology , with a mid-c in the class i can't afford a bad grade in there. I have studied for a while tonight and I can only pray that I do well.
-I accepted an offer to join the theatre group, nothing all that fancy. It is called Noah's Promise Players. It is a troup that goes around and does skits on drugs. I was going to try out last year but I missed the auditions. This adds another thing on to my work load but it won't take up much of my time because all the rehearsals are during school. I have never really been on stage with the acting thing before so I hope I will do alright, everyone else that is in it has before so maybe they will take me under there wings.
-HGI is this weekend. It is the band competition that my marching band does every year. There are 28 bands coming and that means over 4,000 people. It is one of the bigger competions in the state and we have a good reputation for putting a good competion. The part which scares everyone is the preformance we give at the end of the night in front of all the marchers, directors, and parents. It is the most people that we will preform for in our high school life. I am pumped for it though. I guess that is all for now.

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years Later... Do You Remember?

-September 11, 2001, two airplanes were crashed in to the World Trade Center, one was crashed into the Pentagon, and one was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. This day changed most of lives if not mentaly then physical. Now, being the 5th anniversary this date is getting more attention. Today on CNN they ran a timeline on the side of the screen and on there broadband station the ran all the footage as it happened on that day. Should we really be paying such attention to such tragedy? We all know what happened, why must we relive it? I can understand a memoral of some sort today, but the disturction and all the negative really doesn't seem like the right thing. Every TV station and radio channel has talked non stopped about it. As a christian I feel that the ones who died are in a better place and all we can do is pray for the families that lost a loved one. When we focus on the negative we never see the positive.
-On a better note, my friend Lindsay Bates, is in the blogging world. The youth blogging community is growing.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Season Begins

-Many things started this sunday, NFL, college ball started last week and the Marching Band season. They all relate, it's all done on the same field. On Saturday the Sumner County Exibtition took place. This marks our start of the season. All the high school bands in Sumner County participate. Now I realize that many of you think that marching band is a dorky thing and what not, but it is something that is a big part of my life. From July until October it is my rutine. It is a suportive group in which you are a part of something bigger than yourself. The group comes before you. People don't realize it but I would like to see anyone memorize music, play, know your spots on the field, and march at the same time, it's harder than it looks.
-Before we went on Saturday I took my section and we had a moment of prayer. We went around the circle and each prayed for something, most were for hiting all our moves and something to that effect but one's was different he asked that we all be blessed with his spirit and to preform for him. I realized that is what it is about. HIM!!!