Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Game Even Bigger Loss

Last night was huge! The antisipation of this game was in the air, the hamburgers, bands, and the fans. We were all hoping that a win would fall to Hendersonville but everything turned the other way. Just a quick summary:
Hendersonville was down the whole game until the forth quarter when we scored with 38 seconds left. we went into overtime and ended up losing by interception. The Hendersonville side fell scilent and the Beech side went crazy. Our heads dropped and theres raised. What really showed there "great sportsmanship" was when they turned the sprinklers on our side of the field and soaking everone in its path. What a great end to a bad night.

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gavin richardson said...

it was a good rivalry game. missed out on the sprinkler thing, although i heard around town that beech wasn't the only hs that that happened too. on game i heard was delayed for 35 minutes until they could get the sprinklers turned off