Wednesday, December 27, 2006

To My Friend Trent.

So half of me feels bad for writing this but the other says that it desereves to be said out loud because we all are thinking it. A couple broke up about 2 weeks ago. It was kind of a bitter end. For some reason they didn't work. We find out that it didn't work because she was intersted in another guy who quote "didn't have to try" well they got together and at the moment, still are. We all know that this kind of stuff happens but its not right. Trent the guy who was "bagged" has written poetry and even a song about her. It's Not Christmas. I hate to say it, but I'm on his side. It's just plain hurtful to know that the person that you care about, doesn't care enough about you to tell you the truth. Yes we weren't the best friends by keeping it from him, and I will admit that. I am sorry. I hope everyone else is to. I support you Trent. Keep making those great songs and amazing poetry. For purposes of the other two people that I have talked about. I will not reveal there identity.
Happy New Year,


Trent S. said...

no need to apologize to me man. the apologies have been made and its accepted but really doesnt justify the fact that they blatantly lied to me and tried to hide it from me..anyways..great blog..i laughed a lot man..haha


- Trent S.

p.s. if you all have myspace..come and add my song to your page at

gavin richardson said...

sorry to hear of this! a tough spot i find myself in as you all are such great peeps, but in the same breath, this kinda stuff will happen among you all. just the realities of dating and putting yourself out there for one another. people treat you well and then they fail you in the same. but we keep seeking those deep relationships that coat us for life.

Anonymous said...

you are such a douche bag! you never know when to stay out of other people's business.