Saturday, March 03, 2007

Succesful Night!!!

So today has been focused on finding a Computer desk for my room. We went to office depot and found one that we liked. The thing was heavy (160 lbs.) to be exact. So we get it home and open the box everything looks like it is there and is going to take a while to assemble. We get to step 3 and notice a problem, they put the wrong slider brackets in the box. We called down there and the voice over the phone said we would have to pack it back in the box and bring it back. That is a lot of pieces! So we called back and asked to speak to a manager. He was more sane and just told us to come back and he would open another box and get us the right parts. So we get back home with the right parts and start assembling. From 4 till 9:30 we worked and now I'm typing here at my new desk. Im still a little angry at Office Depot because I bought some speakers today to and they don't work so turns out I will be making another trip there tomorrow. I bet they can't wait to see me again!


emily said...

i think there's only a few people in the world who get excited about getting a new desk

= )

gavin richardson said...

i'd get excited about a new desk. i get excited when i can clean off my desk.. in some way it is like getting a new desk.