Monday, August 06, 2007

The Real HOT Story of Sizzler!

What I debated on telling you yesterday I am telling you know. Have you every played a prank on someone, and them not think it was as funny as you thought it was? Well this happened at Sizzler. If you didn't know Hendersonville UMC (my churh) and Hermitage UMC have had an ongoing friendly rivalry. It all started a while back with them stealing our Y-guy. Anyway, at sizzler they tried to get us by putting 20 trash cans in our room. This was funny. The non funny part was them leaving a note saying that a different church (Grace UMC) did it. So a few of our guys from hendersonville did the same to a Grace room. While this was going on, the Hermitage guys were in another room, a room that they thought belonged to Hendersonville. They were wrong! This room belonged to St. Bethlehem UMC, who has had no prior encounters with any of the other parties involved. St. Bethlehem thought that someone had stolen there stuff and freaked out. They threatened to call the cops if no one fessed up. It was an intense night at Sizzler. Luckily, things boiled over.

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good times. lol.