Saturday, March 04, 2006

Empty Week

This week has been pretty empty and pointless for blogging. I have tried to think of something but nothing really comes to mind. This morining I worked at the Child Care Ministeries Workshop at church to raise money for choir tour. I spent some time talking to a friend about some things and the Lay Witnees Mission came up. We were talking and this sounds like something that will be great for our church and community. We also talked about the soon to be creation of a priase band. Most peoples concern is that people might not take it seriously enough to keep on. I hope that it will all turn out great and everyone will enjoy it. I am hoping that more youth are starting to read gavin and my blogs. Maybe some of you will start your own.
I guess that is all for me today. I hope next week is more eventful.

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St.Phransus said...

good luck j. with the praise band. it looks like you've got a lot of good stuff going on in youth group and church. keep the good stuff up. you are a motivator and others in the group will follow that, yo!!!