Thursday, March 16, 2006

Your Not Always Right!

Everyone knows someone that thinks that there way is the best way and that they are always right. When you try to tell them other wise they block you out and it is so frustrating. That hold you back and seems like things will never change. There is this guy in my class and he holds the whole class back, I just wish that he would give other ideas a chance.

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gavin richardson said...

a persons "truth" taps into their core of who they are. for many it's waaay to scary to let their "truth" be challenged. because if it were to be proven wrong or even given enlightenment to them, then what were they before? not to mention people are told, 'this is the way it is, because i said so' which is crap & it doesn't help someone to really discern if it is crap or gold. they just have to deal with it.