Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Rumors are True...

What you have been hearing around the halls at HHS is true. Brittney and I are together! We have been for about 2 weeks now. Yes this is the same Brittney from middle school. Glad I cleared that up.
-Anyway, in other news Hendersonville beat Franklin in our first playoff game tonight. 17-14. We go on to play Hunter's Lane away next week. In a way I am riding the fence on this because I am happy for the football team but being in the marching band we still have to preform so its a hi/low type of thing.
-Brittney had surgery today on her knee because she tore her ACL in cheerleading practice about two weeks ago. So please pray for her to have a speedy recovery.
-I don't really have any other news I don't think. Blogging will become regular again.


emily said...

we won our first playoff game too. 28-20

gavin richardson said...

her knee is still bothering her.. lame

wow on winning football on friday! i didn't expect that