Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wow... What a Week

-So this week has been the most awkward week to say the least. A car caught on fire, Elections, gun threats at school and an amazing retreat at chruch.
-On Monday at school as I pulled into the parking lot I saw a big cloud of black smoke which I didn't think much about until I pulled around the corner. A white Mercury was sitting in the back parking lot ablaze. I caught the whole thing on video. I will post it soon.
-On Tuesday we were out of school and I helped some friends with a video project. This was also when the Harold Ford Jr. and the Bob Corker hate adds stopped. To not see them every 5 min is fine by me.
-On Thursday I arrived to school to see police cars everywhere! When I walked into school everyone was talking about guns and threats and what not. Everyone was like "We're all gonna die!" Turns out there were no guns,threats, or anything of that nature. It made so much news though.
-On Friday Hendersonville made there way over to Hunters Lane for a second time only to fall short again. Losing again 14-7. Which kicked us out of the playoffs. I Left for Paris Landing for a church retreat.
-Saturday and Sunday I spent enjoying the great scenery of Paris Landing which was much needed. I came back stress free and closer in my faith journey.

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