Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is It Legal?

-I think that this is something that is a little akward. Imagine that you are minding your own buisness talking to friends and walking to lunch when all of a sudden you turn the corner and there is a guy handing you a bible. The only thing i could say was, "This is the word of God for the people of God." Then a girl said, "Thanks be to God." I didnt think it was legal for people to hand everyone pocket New Testament bibles. I know that it is legal for them to have them sitting on a table for you to come by and pick them up. The Gideons are everywhere, in your hotel, in your church and now, in your school. They are taking over the world one public place at a time. What is horrible about this ordeal is that if someone wanted to come in and give out the Koran then it probably wouldnt happen. What ever happend to seperating church and state or state from chruch?

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gavin richardson said...

don't get into a bind over it. you'll find the gideon bible, which is just the new testament anyways and the book of mormon in hotels nowadays. the koran is consider holy and held up much higher than our bible to where defacing it or treating it poorly is a damnable offense, so it stands that a muslim wouldn't had you a koran if there were an off chance that you might throw it away or something worse.