Monday, May 22, 2006

School's Comming To an End!!!

Im at my last day of school right now and Its my last full day.Summer is almost here!!! This summer will be so much fun! Amusment Parks,adventures far and near. So much on my list. I Have so much and I can't wait. On a Sad note, the seniors finally are gone and some are spending there last summer here. Seeing them go was such an akward expierence, to know that you arent at the bottom of the pole anymore is never bad.

-My computer has been down at my house so this might be the last blog for a while. Anyway, I went outside last night and took a few photos around the neighborhood. I saw some very cool signs and some cool road grafiti. well anyway im getting ready to play pocket tanks, the coolest game ever. So i will see all you later.

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emily said...

aw. i know how you feel about the seniors. that's how it is at our school exept we still have 3 days left. acctually two of those are half days but who cares. time for finals!