Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am halfway through this trip and The best part is already behind me. We went to Disneyworld the past two days and we went to all three parks. Honestly, the park wasn't that great. It would've been better if the groups were smaller and people would just chill. For some reason on choir tour every year the adults get on this power trip and are always making do stupid stuff. For instance we will get to a destination and we will sometimes sit on the bus for 30 min. It gets really frustrating. We also were told before we left that we would be able to park hop as much as we wanted and ended up having to change parks at a certain time with a large group. I realize that there are younger kids with us but we are very capable of getting a little more freedom. This is what makes a possible fun trip into a dreadful one.
-On a happy note, Peyton and I got the best possible host home. We got to go to Daytona Beach and eat at Krystal. I don't know what is better. This is wear we are at now. In there luxiourious Florida hideaway. We have our own rooms and toilets. This has been the best by far. So, in a nutshell that is what has happened thus far. So until next time.


gavin richardson said...

all the way to daytona beach to enjoy a krystal burger.. hey, our krystal now has wifi. not sure that will make me go more, but it is nice to know

sorry to hear about us adults being pains, i'm sure they just have your safety in mind, even if they have a high anxiety level about it

emily said...

sounds fun. our youth group doesnt have a choir so we cant really take choir trips. its not like we havent tried it just nobody is intrested. hope the rest is great.