Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Youth lounge Improvement.

Today Gavin, Michael, Scott and I went down to Sam Ash to start buying equiptment for the youth lounge. We bought a soundboard, 3 mics with stands, amp, and some cables. It is really nice to have some things of our own. Not having to borrow things is just a load off. This is just in time to. Since we are reimagining our youth space and everything plus we are getting ready to start up practice for KuvAnant, the churches praise band.
- Tomorrow we start practice for the choir tour. Two days of full practice which usually ends up in loss of voice before the tour start date of Saturday. That happened to me last year and was horrible because I had a trio thing that I had to sing and we all lost our voices. This year I have a rap solo. I'm not all that excited about it but I will pull it off.
-Tour has many experiences in the seven days that it happens. Trapped on a bus with immature, obnoxious, smelly, loud people isn't always fun, but there are still many fun times. We have been some really fun places while I have been in Choir. Canada and New York two very exciting places and Now Disney World. While I'm gone Blogging might be a bit down but I will try to keep up.
-In other parts of my life I am looking at a new computer. The new MacBook. I have fallen in love with this notebook. I have fallen under the Mac spell I guess. I see it as an opportunity to take advantage of this position that I have claimed for the church conference. I am praying that I will get this in the next month or two. That's about it for now.


gavin richardson said...

some is not to make the youth minister envious... i want a macbook pro too!!

i'm excited for the new equipment. it should make things soo much more enjoyable

check the business centers to do some blogging

David Slate said...

that computer soulds great i think it's worth the money