Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Man in the Krystal Window

-Tonight after work I decided to go to Krystal to get me a little something to eat. I had been at work all day and was really hungry. My order was taken I was told my order was $3.54 and to pull around. When I pulled around I was asked how my day was and I told the man that it had been ok. I asked him about his day out of habit and he told me he was a little tired and was ready to go home. He turned away, paused and then he turned back around and said that he was ready for God to bring him home. I still had my hand out where he had just taken my money. I didn't know what to say. After thinking for a second I said well we never know when it will happen. "I don't think it is going to be that much longer" he said. Once again, feeling a little uncomfortable I told him we never know.
-I was just hungry and wanted my food, he wanted never to be hungry again. To be so ready to leave this planet and go have faith that you will go to heaven is amazing. Even though our conversation was only about a minute, he has enlightened me and has shown me what is really important.

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