Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One Month and Counting.

-Today marks one month until I turn 16! I am really excitied. So many things happen that I cant wait for. All's I have to say is Driver's License!!! I am so sick of having to hitch a ride from someone. Most of my good friends live on the other side of town and my grandmother doesnt like to make the trips back and forth so soon that won't be an issue. Every kid can't wait to turn 16. I am one of the older ones in my grade so it's gonna be cooling being able to say that im driving now. I have high hopes that I will be able to get tickets to the Frey concert which is on my birthday, the ultimate gift. I can't wait very happy.
-On a school note though, tomorrow I have a test in biology , with a mid-c in the class i can't afford a bad grade in there. I have studied for a while tonight and I can only pray that I do well.
-I accepted an offer to join the theatre group, nothing all that fancy. It is called Noah's Promise Players. It is a troup that goes around and does skits on drugs. I was going to try out last year but I missed the auditions. This adds another thing on to my work load but it won't take up much of my time because all the rehearsals are during school. I have never really been on stage with the acting thing before so I hope I will do alright, everyone else that is in it has before so maybe they will take me under there wings.
-HGI is this weekend. It is the band competition that my marching band does every year. There are 28 bands coming and that means over 4,000 people. It is one of the bigger competions in the state and we have a good reputation for putting a good competion. The part which scares everyone is the preformance we give at the end of the night in front of all the marchers, directors, and parents. It is the most people that we will preform for in our high school life. I am pumped for it though. I guess that is all for now.

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gavin richardson said...

i'll look to make it by for hgi later in the evening. funny, i didn't see station camp in the competition.