Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Commando Mug Seems to be a Success!

This week the DECA club at school opened up a coffee shop of sorts in our gym lobby. It seems to be going great. Everything is a dollar, which is amazing because you can't beat that. Every morning the line gets longer and longer leading me to believe that the profits are getting bigger and bigger. This just might be the best idea that the school has thought of. Now we don't have to stop at Starbucks or the gas station we can just go and get a cappichino from Commando Mug. I will say that I am hooked. Even there advertising is great. They put posters up that have Mr. Shelton, our principal, on them and they say "Mr. Shelton says: I got mine." It is really funny. This coffee idea is amazing!


gavin richardson said...

smoothie & cappacino's available? i think you need to get behind the counter and start whipping some stuff up!

Johnathan "J2" said...

I would get behind the counter at church if we had one... hint hint