Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fun Times In North Carolina

Im on this amazing trip with my youth group in North Carolina, at Maggie Valley. We got here last night around 12:30am and were on the slopes around 10:30am. We have skied all day. Some of us fell and wiped out more than others. But, I learned something. Being prepared is essential in anything that we do. We as Christians are part of a unique community. If we are not prepared per say to tell someone about how God is something so great, so powerful, so mighty, then are we doing our part? If someone took you up to the top of a mountain, and you had never skied then you wouldn't be prepared and would not make it down the mountain very easily. It comes as our responsibility to be able to tell anyone who is questioning there faith or wanting to know about Christ. So, are you prepared?

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