Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday... And a lot more!

We had a super bowl party tonight at church and it was pretty fun except we couldn't get the TV hooked up to pick up a signal but it was ok cause we still had fun and fellowship. That was at the end of my day the beginning started out much different. I went to church and Sunday school was so much fun then I had a meeting for youth stuff. I came home and then went back to choir. After choir I saw Megan for the first time in a few months, it was so exciting to finally see her again. She really is a good person and someone who is so nice and loving. It is such a privilege to know that im friends with her.

On to today's main topic.
why don't people except people instead of shun them or criticize. Is it because it is easier to keep a closed mind than an open one? Or maybe it is because of something else, something controlling us. Such as jealousy or what others will think. What really worries me is that at my church we are very closed minded and that is one of the reasons why we don't keep new members. It is scary coming into anything new where you don't know anyone and very little about the place you are in. The least we can do as Christians is accept them and let them join us in our faith journey.


gavin richardson said...

thinking of closed & open minds. i just had a really nice conversation with one of the riti fellas. and it was the one that made everyone all nervous.

much to tired to say more. however, one day we will conquer the t.v. land in this church.

Mike said...

J2 - Gavin directed his readers over to your blog...

Have you ever noticed what happens when there is an only child who is about to get a new brother or sister? Sometimes there is extreme jealousy...other times the child is okay with the new addition.

This is not only a youth problem. An adult at my church said: "We shouldn't reach out to new people until we are taking care of the people we have first." In one sense he's right. We have to focus on the youth we have -- make sure they are doing well and learning and growing in their faith. But at the same time, we should never put off reaching out. You may not get everyone on board, but if you are passionate enough about it then you can influence a friend or two to be more open-minded.

You never know what will catch on!

St.Phransus said...

J2- i agree with mike. this problem that you raise is something that we see throughout our lives. funny that jesus had to "teach" us a different way to treat people and was constantly reminding us that everyone is "in".

i guess it doesn't come as natural as we'd like for it to. but in the end it is a practice that we can all work on.

thanks for the post.