Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just Talk

The other day I was talking to some of my friends and they were talking about this other person and how they made a very bad decision. The whole time I was thinking about how they had done the same thing and they were not getting any grief over it. Which to me is very hypocritical, and also unchristian like. When someone tells me they go to church I will usually ask them when was the last time that went to a service, many say a month or two. Which raises the question are you really an active Christian or do you just say it because it makes you feel better and helps you sleep at night? At my church we have around 50 regular attending members but yet over 100 on the roll. Most of those people consider themselves Christians. I think that practicing what you preach is very important. So is it ok to say your a Christian and not attend church regularly?

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gavin richardson said...

i don't think so, but there is time and space that you can break away or retreat. however, faith is formed and supported within the contexts of a community. just as you come to do or think the same things as friends you hang with. a church community helps you to understand your beliefs and act them out. leads to the importance of finding a group that helps you in this process instead of cloning you.