Thursday, January 04, 2007

The First Day Back

It was a little bit harder to wake up this morning one because it was 6am and also because I had to go to school. Once I got there though it wasn't so bad. My classes aren't going to be as had as I expected. My teachers all seem pretty nice. Coach Rob seems like his class will be the most interesting. Although, Ms Moss really knows how to make learning fun. This is already a better semester than last.
The ball once again didn't drop our favor... again. We lost 54 to 6. I was leading scorer though, thats a plus. We did hold them though for a good 4 min. After that it was they just keept putting it one. At the end of the game they hit a fast break and jumped off one guys back and dunked it. Rediculious!

Keep you updated,

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emily said...

we have a ms. moss at our school too! does she teach english? becuase if she did, that would be weird...