Thursday, January 25, 2007

Funny Baptists

So the other day Gavin and I were hanging out in his office and i asked him what Clarity was. If your not from Hendersonville you probably don't have a clue. Clarity is like a "warmth in winter" of sorts. It is a convention that travels on a tour that is put on by Student Life. Now that you know what Clarity is I will continue with the story.
So i said "Why didn't we go to this Clarity event. Is it a Baptist thing? He says, "No, but it is baptistcyntric (i know that is misspelled). "I almost went with some friends from First Baptist, it was down in Alabama" I said. "I thought it was at long hollow baptist, (right down the road)" said Gavin. I said no but we got out the tour dates and it turns out that instead of going to Long Hollow that was right down the road they went to Alabama. We both got quite a kick out of it because it seemed like First Baptist was afraid that if they took there kids to another church they might lose a few. Baptists and numbers.


Kamen said...

haha you told me about this the other day

gavoweb said...

baptists and the numbers.. haha!