Friday, January 12, 2007

Testing My Limit

Tonight I played in another one of our church leauge basketball game. By no means are we the best team out there. We played Merrol Hyde's Hawks (the person not the school). When we arrived we realized that we were in for a tough game. Not because the team was undefeated but because of why the team was undefeated.
Since Merrol Hyde is one of the big time guys in Hendersonville, what he says goes. He has rigged almost all of his games. Now the question is how. Well, it's very simple.
1. He picks his refs, then gives them insentive to call the game in favor of him.
2. He stacks his team with the best players that signed up to play under the parks department.

Let me take you to tonights game. 10 people on the court, 2 refs, and lots of anticipation. From the first wistle the calls were bogus. We were called for a foul that didn't happen. Then we didn't get a foul when it was obious and instead got a technical. Things escalated and were soon getting pretty heated. 3rd quater, one of the refs winks at the other coach and tells one of the other teams players that he can't call everything because the game is already one sided. Lane violations were also called because the other team missed a foul shot. It just wasn't a good night.

If someone wants to win that bad to say that they are champions of a church/parks team and get a slightly bigger trophy then I guess you have to do what you have to. Were I get tested is when the other team starts talking smack and showboating. If I wasn't wearing a church jersey then things might have been different. I realize things aren't always fair, but its church basketball. We must move on.


gavoweb said...

it was really like that? crazy

Johnathan "J2" said...

yea just like that... ridiculous!