Thursday, February 28, 2008

Commando Tennis

Last summer, a few of my buddies and myself decided we were going to go out for the tennis team at school. Well we did and now we are on the team. We started practice 2 weeks ago. Private Lessons and strength and conditioning occurred before that. Anyway, we started Challenge matches a few days ago. Challenge matches are the factor that determines your ranking on the team. I have had two challenge matches and won them both. One match was against one of my good friends (he was pretty mad that I beat him). The other was just another kid on the team. I don't know my actually ranking but I do know that I'm not last!


gavin richardson said...

cool bro, good job!

emily said...

heyyy look who blogged! i'm not much to talk. i haven't posted anything in over two weeks.

and tennis sounds pretty awesome. i like tennis but not competitively. hope it works out for ya.