Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Those Who Trust...

In the Lord, are a strong mountain, they will not, oh no not, not be moved. I sang that song a few months ago. I felt like I understood the meaning and I feel like i still do. But what about those who trust in other people? Seems like they will always be let down at some point or another, It is human not to live up to someone elses expectations, right? I have always believed to give someone a chance until they screw it up. After the screw up I decide if I will give them another chance. I don't know what hurts more, being let down, or giving that second, third or even tenth chance. Like I said I am a trusting person, this is a quality that is both good and bad to have. You always seemed to be deceived by someone or something. Never forget to read the fine print! 

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