Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On and off the record

On the record.
Where to begin on what I learned today in this world? Oh... yea, i know where. So I went back to the doc today, he I am recovering from what ever I had. I was afraid it would get worse but  it hasn't. I just hope there isn't a relapse. I over heard someone talking today about there gut instinct. Well my opinion on those is that your gut instinct is for what is right at that moment. Your gut instinct can change many times. 
I learned about dreams too. I have dreams that one day I will be very comfortable with the life that I live and how I make my living. I believe there are always variables in dreams. Such as where I live, who I marry, what my kids look like, etc.  Just know that dreams change everyday.
Off the record.
I started something new, Tennis. I am on my school's tennis team. We started practice today. I forgot how rewarding it can feel to ace your oppenent, or put so much top spin on a ball that you bounce it over the other persons head! It really can make you forget about what is going on off the court.
Did you know, that mistakes happen everyday? Well, the do. The first step is realizing that you messed up. Then apologize. Try not to dwell on it. 
On and off the record, I kind of like this. I Love You!

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