Sunday, February 17, 2008

First College Visit

Last night, we went to a play that Rhodes put on, It was called “How I Learned to Drive”. It was intense, it touched on very serious topics. That is all I can really say at the moment. Google this play and check it out!


Now we are off to the College, Marissa is chating with her friends about Valentines Day. This one girl she is talking to is talking about how some band popped out of her car or something, sounds really crazy! We shall see what the rest of the day brings.


5:08pm. We are leaving Memphis after a long day of auditions and interviews. Marissa did great. Her audition at 11:20am went very smoothly. When that was through we went downtown and at at Café 61. I do not recommend it! I had a cup of Gumbo and it was not good at all. Anyway around 1 she had her CODA interview. CODA is a little two complicated to explain in a blog. I suggest you check it out on Rhodes Website. The interview went very well from what I could tell. It surprised me how layed back everyone was. There was lots of laughter and what not.


We then proceeded to Graceland. We were all Graceland virgins. The tour was a bit over priced. ($24.33), but Cindy footed the bill. I took a lot of pictures which will end up on my flickr pretty soon.


Now we are on the road back home. We decided to skip out on an optional dinner so we could try and get back home before its gets so late. I am very excited to start up my blogging again and I hope it continues at a steady pace.


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